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Hello Cosmonauts!


It’s off season…thank goodness. What does that mean for me?  It means we get to experiment and we can do comfort food items. When the Cosmo is busy, we simply do not have the time we have now to try new things.

So, what’s new? Our duck dumplings. I make fresh dough, then using shredded duck and secret seasoning make little half-moon dumplings…then we steam them, then brown them, then boil them in a duck miso broth. Served with pea tendrils and a soft poached egg.

What is comfort food? Spaghetti and Meatballs. Full transparency: I got the idea from Mark Tarbell in Phoenix. We take something that is mostly done at home with low end ingredients and we dress it up a little. How so you ask? The meat is all-natural beef blended with ground pork. We mix this with more secret ingredients, form the balls, then stuff them with fresh mozzarella (just like your mom…?  not), Then, we make fresh pasta (daily) and cook it to order. The sauce is amazing: I take our demi glace and mix it with a traditional marinara then fortify with dry porcini that I picked all summer (just like mom did). All of this take on a comfort food dish is presented with fresh arugula, sauteed oyster mushrooms, fresh parmesan and white truffle oil. Order a bottle of Chianti and ..well….you might just have a small piece of heaven.

Friendly reminder: Our deck is closing this Sunday. No more outdoor dining. Sorry….please bring a mask and wear it while not eating/drinking. We still have state of the art air filtration running 24/7 using digital hydrogen peroxide to kill that stupid virus.

Have a great fall. We will have more fall specials coming.

Closed Mondays and Tuesdays up to Dec. 7.