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Hey folks,

Cosmo is reopening next week.

We’ve been listening to you and we know it’s expensive to eat out, so…we’re bringing back happy hour for one month, at a time that works for you: 5-6pm every day.

We can’t do it all summer, even though we’d love to do just that. Here’s why: It gets too busy by mid-June and we (like everyone else in town) have a staffing issue. We want to be able to serve you, our important customers the way we’d like to and keep everyone happy during happy hour.

More About that staffing issue…and what we’re doing about it…

We have five housing units available for Cosmo employees (in Norwood and Telluride) and are still providing free subscriptions to employees (who have worked for six months) to Telluride Whole Health, a local Direct Primary Care Clinic.

Please come by and see our new menu, which has a summer twist with lots of local produce.




Hi All!

Lots of news:

Cosmo’s “backyard” is re-opened for the winter! (I know, it is really the “front yard”, but it sounds better). We have fire pit tables, heaters, lights…it’s a daily party. Thank you to Mountain Village (land owners), Town of Telluride and the construction crew that built our new deck in 4 days.

Now that we have the backyard, that opened the doors to bring back our Happy Hour from 3 to 4pm.  $10 sushi and many other discounts.

Now for the important stuff: We are turning 25 years old on February 10!  25 years, wow.  So much has happened over the 25 years.  We are having some contests to reminisce …25 gift certificates are being given out for $25 each for the best Facebook posts about experiences you may have had at the Cosmo over the past 25 years. The best 25 posts will be awarded at the end of February. Don’t forget to “tag” the restaurant, so we see your post!

I am putting out “Backyard Specials” starting with Pork Ramen to keep you warm while enjoying our new deck.

Thanks for the 25 years, and see ya soon.


ps: if you want to read more about how the restaurant began, read the article in the Telluride Daily Planet.