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Cosmopolitan goes the extra mile for their employee’s stability, health, and well-being

As residents of San Miguel County continue to fight to find housing, Chad Scothorn, Executive Chef and Owner of Cosmopolitan Restaurant in Telluride is working hard to help by offering housing units to his staff as a way to attract and retain talented people. Additionally, he is offering free health benefits to all full and part-time employees. That’s a first in Telluride!

“We care about our staff. Developing the right culture is essential to achieving a sustainable and competitive advantage. We can attract and maintain a diverse workforce with the highest-caliber skills if we take care of them. It’s that simple.”

Free Health Benefits

Cosmo employees that reach their six-month status are eligible for membership in Doctor Heather Linder’s Direct Primary Care Clinic, Telluride Whole Health. Cosmo employees will have unlimited doctor visits free of charge as well as discounted labs, medications, and supplements at wholesale prices. Read more here