To my fans, diners, and sushi addicts…

Hope my fans, diners, and sushi addicts are all doing their best to keep their appetite, sense of humor and overall wellness. As I take a stab at my journalistic skills, I hope this blog can give me an opportunity to let you know what’s up at the Cosmo kitchen and gives you an opportunity to give me feedback, polite criticism and suggestions.

I have often thought I should be keeping a diary of the Cosmo happenings from March until now, so much has happened good and bad. As is the case with all of us, this has been a test for all restaurants.

The Cosmo has learned so much since March about takeout food, packaging, labeling, internet based menus/ordering, etc.

My most current project is “family style” dining. I felt that after so many times having our takeout dinner menu this year that options were necessary that allowed you to simply put some food in the center of your table and enjoy sharing with your fellow housemates/family members. I purposely did not “package” the items as I did with our “dinner for two” that has been available all summer/fall. This way, if you just want a roast chicken and you don’t need accompaniments (salad, vegetables, etc.), you can just order the chicken and vice versa. Our first stab at the family style offering is really tasty:  Braised Snake River Farms Kurobota Pork Short Ribs. If you are a pork fan or a short rib fan, this dish is serious comfort food ideal for the winter weather. Snake River Farms is known for inventing cuts of meat that are not available in the grocery store and this cut is another example of that. As time passes, I will be rolling out more family style dishes such as whole roast asian duck, braised Colorado lamb shanks, rotisserie-style organic whole chickens, roast beef tenderloin with béarnaise sauce. All of these dishes will feed 2-3 people.

Ok, I did it! Another first for me this 2020, my first blog entry. If all goes well, there will be many more to come.

Your local chef of 25 years in Telluride,

Chad Scothorn
Chef/Owner The Cosmopolitan Restaurant