Employee Housing + Healthcare


Hi Cosmo friends.

Just wanted to keep you up to date on stuff I’m doing to help retain the really great people you have come to know and love at Cosmo.

The pandemic has made some things become even more difficult for employees—healthcare and housing…so, here’s what we are doing to help alleviate this dire situation for all our staff so you can keep coming in to dine.

All employees—that means full or part time—will receive membership in a local Direct Primary Care Clinic called Telluride Whole Health. The Direct Primary Care membership allows our staff to go to Doctor Heather Linder at Telluride Whole Health for free.

Onto our other tough situation; housing for staff:

I am currently building employee housing in Norwood. A two-bedroom and a one-bedroom are under construction and a new project is in the works. This after just completing employee housing in the Ski Ranches.

Just thought you’d appreciate knowing this stuff.