August 24, 2017, Joshua Cates, Publisher

IN 1889, BUTCH CASSIDY’S FIRST MAJOR RECORDED CRIME OCCURRED IN TELLURIDE, COLORADO, the county seat of San Miguel County. Cassidy robbed the San Miguel Valley Bank and made off with $24,580 or $665,943 in today’s dollars.

Currently, we have no plans to rob a bank, but can’t help but wonder how Butch would have spent 48 hours in Telluride with all that dough. The town of Telluride and Gateway Resort have invited us out and we plan to show you how to eat like royalty, play like a local and stay in style. 

Day three will start in a stream somewhere in Telluride. Anglers from Telluride Outside tell us this is the best way to take in the surrounding beauty and we can’t argue that point. We look forward to learning what it takes to land a trout from some of the finest streams in the Rocky Mountains.

Telluride is an angler’s paradise, and its rivers are full of trout and possibilities. After working up a healthy appetite on the river, Chef-Owner Chad Scothorn of The Cosmopolitan has invited us to dine with him and see why Wine Spectator has given The Cosmopolitan their Award of Excellence for 9 consecutive years. 

Excerpted from Living Well.

Set in a former grand saloon, the restaurant is run by James Beard House invitee Chad Scothorn, whose knack for grafting Asian culinary traditions over American fine-dining fare suggests the work of Citizen Public House maestro Bernie Kantak. Paired with a no-nonsense Old Fashioned, my Wagyu rib-eye – sourced from 7X Beef in Hotchkiss, Colo. – is the marvel of marbling you might expect, with a hypnotically buttery mouthfeel and just the right coppery zing of quality organic beef.

KUSA – As America rings in the New Year, TripAdvisor identified the top destinations where travelers are planning to visit in 2015.

4. Telluride, Colo.

This former gold rush town is now known for its picturesque snow covered peaks and year-round recreation. Travelers recommend the scenic Telluride/Mountain Village Gondola, which offers a “distractingly beautiful view” and Cosmopolitan Telluride, which has the “best happy hour in town,” according to a TripAdvisor reviewer.

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Excerpted form 5280 (the Denver Magazine) BY LUC HATLESTAD

To find one of the best meals in Colorado, you’ll need to drive to Telluride—and it’s totally worth it. Just across the street from the gondola sits Cosmopolitan of Telluride, chef-owner Chad Scothorn’s homage to fusion and (whenever possible) locally sourced ingredients. Fusion cuisine often gets a bad rap but the meal we enjoyed was an exciting mash-up of Asian, French, and American dishes.

We began with a snappy and fresh spider roll (sushi roll appetizers are half-price during happy hour) and complemented that with a plate of succulent lobster corn dogs. For one entrée, we chose the subtly seasoned chicken rillettes with a tender lemon risotto, along with garden-fresh snap peas and wild mushrooms. Read more


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