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Funny little video

Hi All! Chad here. The Cosmo will be closed (thank goodness as we really haven’t closed for 2 years) from April 4 thru May 13, opening May 14.  We will rest, lick our wounds and come back fresh. Looking back on things this past year, all restaurants have gone thru the “Covid washing machine”…. we […]

Celebrating 25 years in Telluride

Hi All! Lots of news: Cosmo’s “backyard” is re-opened for the winter! (I know, it is really the “front yard”, but it sounds better). We have fire pit tables, heaters, lights…it’s a daily party. Thank you to Mountain Village (land owners), Town of Telluride and the construction crew that built our new deck in 4 days. […]

For Our Soup Lovers…

Hey Soup Lovers!!!! Chad here. This subject is a deep subject to me as a 61-year-old chef. Quick story: I went to the Culinary Institute of America in 1981. Craig Claiborne was a famous food writer and restaurant critic in those days. One of his quotes that I will never forget was that the way he chose which […]

“Jonesing” for a little sense of normality

Hi Folks, Chad here with a Cosmo update: I have been listening to requests and the “family style” food is what people wanted the most. We have rolled out 8 proteins that are enough food for 2 people and you can add to these to make them feed 3, 4, 5, etc. These proteins do not […]

To my fans, diners, and sushi addicts…

Hope my fans, diners, and sushi addicts are all doing their best to keep their appetite, sense of humor and overall wellness. As I take a stab at my journalistic skills, I hope this blog can give me an opportunity to let you know what’s up at the Cosmo kitchen and gives you an opportunity […]