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For Our Soup Lovers…

Hey Soup Lovers!!!! Chad here. This subject is a deep subject to me as a 61-year-old chef. Quick story: I went to the Culinary Institute of America in 1981. Craig Claiborne was a famous food writer and restaurant critic in those days. One of his quotes that I will never forget was that the way he chose which […]

“Jonesing” for a little sense of normality

Hi Folks, Chad here with a Cosmo update: I have been listening to requests and the “family style” food is what people wanted the most. We have rolled out 8 proteins that are enough food for 2 people and you can add to these to make them feed 3, 4, 5, etc. These proteins do not […]

To my fans, diners, and sushi addicts…

Hope my fans, diners, and sushi addicts are all doing their best to keep their appetite, sense of humor and overall wellness. As I take a stab at my journalistic skills, I hope this blog can give me an opportunity to let you know what’s up at the Cosmo kitchen and gives you an opportunity […]